PoiEdit is a shareware program that manages all of your poi (places of interest) files from your desktop PC and saves/loads them to/from your Mobile Device. PoiEdit also enables you to download a vast range of poi files from the most uses poi sides in e.g. the UK, Netherlands, France.


2008-09-01 @ 18:23
New version of PoiEdit 2007 (2007.2) is released. This release fixes the dreaded TomTom bug where all the category names were being mangled. Click here to go to the downloads page.
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  • Save, load, convert and edit poi files for TomTom Navigator, Garmin, Smartpath, Destinator, Navman*, GPX compatible software, Excel etc...
    Look at this compatibility matrix for more info about the supported formats and applications.
  • Updates, with just one click, poi's from the special AutoUpdate Sites like or to your desktop computer or Mobile Device (Pocket PC/Smart Phone)
  • Use Pocket PoiEdit to synchronize your poi's when you're on the road.
  • Edit poi's which are stored both on the desktop and the mobile device
  • Display poi items on the integrated map viewer, on MapQuest® or in Microsoft MapPoint©
  • (version 2004 only). You can also add your own maps.
  • Batch convert and append poi files.
  • All features...

* = The poi file format of these systems are supported, however you cannot directly update their poi's from the sites because the poi files need to be converted using an application of the software vendor (usually referred to as console software).

PoiEdit wordt mede mogelijk gemaakt door Denda - De beste spellen voor de laagste prijs

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