V3.8 (build 140, 2005-11-10)


  • Sorting in AutoUpdate Manager.
    You can now sort the poi files in the AutoUpdate manager by name, by subscribed or by the default order as defined by the poi site. To sort, click the header of the poi description column:

  • Support for Google Earth's kml file format.
    It is now possible to load and save kml files (Keyhole Markup Language) which can be read and saved by Google Earth. To save a poi file as a Google Earth file, select this type in the File | Save As dialogs. To open a kml file, simply select it like any other poi file (doubleclick, drag-n-drop, File | Open etc):

  • Support for reading/writing Garmin Mapsource CSV files.
    Garmin Mapsource CSV files slightly differ from some of the other CSV files PoiEdit supports. A new filetype has been added to solve this problem. To save a poi file as a Garmin CSV file, select this type in the File | Save As dialogs. When a Garmin CSV file is opened, PoiEdit asks you if you want to open it as a Garmin filetype (unless you have clicked the checkbox to use Garmin CSV as the default for the CSV file extension):

    PS. PoiEdit now also writes Garmin Mapsource compatible GPX files (see bugfixes below).

  • Option to Exit PoiEdit instead minimizing it when the Close button is clicked.
    When you close PoiEdit, it normally will minimize to the tray. This is done because to be able to use AutoUpdate while PoiEdit is not open. Now an option is added that lets you decide if you want to fully exit PoiEdit when closed, or to keep the original behavior. You can activate the exit option by un-checking option "Close button hides PoiEdit in system tray" from the menu Tools | Preferences menu:


  • Support loading of trackpoints within gpx files.
    Some programs and websites use a feature of GPX which was not supported by the previous versions of PoiEdit. These are the so-called trackpoints (trk tag). Now PoiEdit correctly imports any trackpoints that might be in the file. PoiEdit does not retain the trackpoints when the file is saved as GPX again!

  • Remove poidatabase.com from AutoUpdateManager.
    Seems the poidatabase.com and poidatabase.co.uk poi sites are no longer with us.

  • Calibrate by points on the map (as in some old versions of PoiEdit).
    Some people asked to reintroduce the old way (and in many cases more easy way) of calibrating maps in PoiEdit. The calibration dialog now looks like this:

    PS You can now point the calibration points by clicking in the map!

  • Redesign preferences dialog and move menu precision setting to it.
    Added tabs to the Preferences dialog (menu Tools | Preferences) and moved the precision setting to it (see example of the dialog in the section "Option to Exit PoiEdit instead minimizing it when the Close button is clicked").

  • Exchanged Lat and Lon fields to match the quasi standard as can be seen in other programs and websites (which is usually Latitude - Longitude).
    This should be clear.

  • Add Latitude North/South and Longitude East/West buttons to the coordinate entry sections.
    The behavior of the negative coordinate values was not always correct and straightforward. Now added toggle buttons to the coordinate edit fields in which you can specify which part of the globe you are referring to.

  • Replace the TomTom icon.
    PoiEdit started as an editor for TomTom OV2 files. It has growth past this limitation, so most references to TomTom (including the application icon) are removed. The new icon looks like this:

  • Remember the format of last opened file and last save as action and use that in subsequent usage of the Save As dialog.
    When a file was opened and then saved using the Save As dialog, the default format TomTom ov2 would always be selected by default. Now PoiEdit remembers the file types and selects it in the Save As dialogs automatically, even when PoiEdit is restarted.


  • Delete button does not work in coordinate edit controls.

  • Finally found the password bug which caused particulair passwords the get mangled when PoiEdit encrypts them.

  • On some systems PoiEdit crashes, during startup, while doing some language stuff. The offending code has to be removed since it was not used anymore anyway.

  • Make the GPX that PoiEdit exports validate against the official GPX 1.1 schema. This makes the GPX readable by Garmin Mapsource as well.

  • Coordinate decimal <-> degrees conversion behavior and bugs now fixed once and for all (I hope :)

V3.7 R2 (build 112, 2005-07-20)


  • Save Remote crashed when bottom of format dropdown was selected and saved to wrong formats.
  • 100% CPU take over when poi window was maximized within the main window.

V3.7 R1 (build 111, 2005-07-18)


  • Option to commit single poi's to sites which support this new feature (Poi List | Right Mouse Button | Commit to a site...)
  • Find duplicates function (Edit | Find duplicates...)
  • Support for TomTom Navigator 5 .cfg file format (you can find these in the map directories on the PDA). Note that PoiEdit only works with .cfg files of version 5 of Navigator!
  • Show every selected poi as a dot in the map pane.
  • Maps can now, besides bitmap (bmp), also be in gif, jpeg or windows metafile (wmf) format.
  • Function to copy the selected items to the clipboard in readable text format (Edit | Copy as text)
  • Coordinates precision setting (5=default or 6 decimals), to prevent users, who don't need this kind of precision, from getting precision warnings when saving files which precision has a maximum of 5 decimals (Tools | Coordinates precision).


  • Save as Navio format: longitude and latitude columns got switched.
  • AutoUpdate Manager: spaces in the username caused errors.
  • Corrected map drawing which was wrong most of the time and caused the map to look corrupted.


  • 5 sec delay when auto updating on device insertion to allow ActiveSync to build up its connection. This delay time can be adjusted in the AutoUpdate Manager settings tab (AutoUpdate | AutoUpdate Manager | Settings tab | Delay time)
  • Changed descriptions of file types that PoiEdit installer assigns to the PoiEdit file types in explorer.
  • Removed "calibration required" message in map pane after PoiEdit is installed for the first time.
  • Improved map calculations which caused poi's to be off in maps which covered large area's. Changed calibration method, now the lower left and upper right corners of the map must be calibrated, instead of 2 points inside the map. Note that because of this change you need to recalibrate any maps you may have added in the past.
  • Improved Mobile browser performance dramatically!
  • Mobile browser now lists new TomTom 5 map directories.
  • Split up binaries so the plug in dll's become smaller, and more plug ins can be added in the future without increasing the size of the installation file that much.
  • AutoUpdate Manager now caches the AutoUpdate site information internally, so that, once used, they can be recalled much faster.

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V3.6 R1 (build 106, 2005-04-08)


  • Support for Navio csv format
  • Support for MioMap csv format
  • Option to save as Navman csv (same as current asc, only the extension differs)
  • Added view buttons to AutoUpdate Manager
  • Added new poi sites to the AutoUpdate Manager
  • Option to hide standard sites from the AutoUpdate Manager
  • Added /silent command line option to suppress errors during update when using the /update command line option. This to make it possible to control PoiEdit through the Windows scheduler.


  • Changed names on save as/open dialog etc to more generic ones, e.g. TomTom Ascii (.asc) to Poi Ascii (.asc), because now many more applications besides TomTom can handle the asc format.
  • Asc importer added a space character in front of description.
  • Sorting did not mark the data as changed anymore.
  • Batch converter screen problems when Windows is using big fonts.


  • Detect proxy settings for Dial-Up connections.
  • Removed Tom Tom name from start menu shortcut.
  • Precision of poi coordinates
  • Inform user when coordinates loose precision during a format conversion
  • Remember AutoUpdate Manager window position, size and left-side bar width.

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V3.5.5 (build 101, 2005-03-06)


  • Map calibrate error "Cannot assign TEntry to TEntry".
  • Close window confirmation if data has changed appears twice.


  • Map calibration: remote "Calibrate" from the menu and let "Set Calibrate Point 2" do this automatically.
  • Performance of site manager with huge poi sites like poihandler.com.

V3.5.3 (build 99, 2005-02-25)


  • Mobile Browser did not work on PDA's which do not have TomTom Navigator 2 or 3 installed.
  • Check version failed causing error "Not found"
  • Append function replaced whole contents of file instead of appending to it

V3.5 (build 96, 2005-02-24)


  • Support for TomTom itineraries, Destinator and Navman
  • Search functionality
  • While AutoUpdating, converts poi files to the desired format, so users of other software like Destinator can profit from the websites that currently offer only TomTom poi's. Works the other way around as well: website builders only have to offer a file format that suits them best. All formats that are going to be added in the future profit from this functionality.
  • Plug-in architecture for displaying poi's in external applications
  • Microsoft® MapPoint© support (through plug-ins)
  • MapQuest support (through plug-ins)
  • Windows XP Themes support
  • Error handling & bug report support to aid in solving end-user problems
  • Show/save system report to aid in solving end-user problems
  • GpsPassion site added to AutoUpdate Manager site list
  • Moved the sites under the AutoUpdate menu to the AutoUpdate manager "Website" button
  • Build-in coordinate calculator
  • Proxy username & password


  • Improved visibility of the poi marker on the map
  • Improved Mobile Device browser performance and added sidebar with links to My Documents and links to the TomTom map directories
  • Improved performance when using big poi files (>10000 items)
  • Show cleanup progress bar when closing huge poi files


  • Shortcut keys for Cut, Copy & Paste in list editor's coordinate edit fields
  • Fix AutoUpdate site password bug. There was a problem with passwords containing numbers.
  • Removed passwords in URL's from error messages
  • Import Excel XML bug
  • When the PocketPC is reconnected the user gets errors when performing operations on the PocketPc. User needs to use Reconnect in these cases. Now PoiEdit first tries to reconnect to the PDA before displaying the error message.
  • Error and success url execution while AutoUpdating didnt work.

V3.2 (build 73, 2004-04-26)


  • Added support for http://www.flitspaal.nu and added it to the AutoUpdate Manager & Menu
  • "Goto POIEdit forum..." option in Help menu
  • Checkbox in Update Status Window and AutoUpdate Manager settings tab, so you can decide whether you want the status window to disappear after updating is finished
  • Save changes dialog with Yes No and Cancel buttons so it behaves more like other applications
  • Remove conflict between F2 keys, now AutoUpdate Manager's shortcut key is F8


  • It is not possible to sort the items in the AutoUpdate Manager, so made the columns non-clickable
  • Fixed mobile browser layout under Win XP theme
  • Fixed invisible map problem the first time the PoiEdit poi-file editor is used
  • Update Selection in Sites tab of autoupdate manager only updated 1 file, regardless of the number of items selected
  • When a site, with items marked for autoupdating, was deleted from autoupdate manager, list index out of bounds errors occurred
  • A bug in the installer caused the "AutoUpdate upon device connect" function to fail whenever the PDA was being connected

V3.1 (build 66, 2004-04-09)


  • Layout problems in the edit, site manager and batch convert screens when new Windows XP look is enabled
  • Autoupdating of poi's from different sites at once now works properly
  • Open remote works again


  • Layout of edit screen: map and list controls are now separated in two sections

V3.0 (build 64, 2004-03-10)

Poi editing

  • Map calibration can now be done in DMS and decimal format.

  • Fixed map calibration bug: negative values could not be entered.

  • Added support for cut, copy and paste.

  • Map can be slided using mouse pointer.

  • Coordinates of the selected poi can be pinned on the map using the mouse pointer.

Auto update

  • Completely new AutoUpdate manager window, which makes it much easier to manager your autoupdate sites and items.

  • Improved AutoUpdate progress window.

Poi Site features

  • Added Site XML documentation (Site Xml Format Manual.htm in the install directory of PoiEdit, which is by default "c:\program files\Dnote Software\Poi Edit").

  • Added support for error and success notification back to the poi site.

  • Progress bar while downloading Site XML.

  • Features to reduce Site XML filesize.


  • Windows XP menu look.

Known problems

  • When updating a set of items from different sites, you'll probably get an error "download information invalid". This is caused by the fact that the update engine needs to process the items sorted by site. Workaround: do not subscribe to items from different sites. If you really need to update from different sites use the Update Selection button in the AutoUpdate Manager for each site separately, instead of the AutoUpdate Now (F9) function from the main window menu or tray icon menu. This will be fixed in the next release.

V2.6 (build 47, 8 dec 2003)

Poi editing

  • Simple map support. Default Benelux map is provided, additional maps can be added, see the FAQ for more info

  • GPX (Gps eXchange format) support for reading and writing

  • Excel (xml format) support for reading

  • Minor editing enhancements and bugfixes

Auto update

  • PoiEdit autoupdate can now also be used without a PDA and without ActiveSync installed

  • Overwrite confirmation during autoupdate can now be suppressed (checkbox Always "Yes to All" in the confirmation dialog or checkbox "Always overwrite" in the Autoupdate Settings dialog.

  • Added download site http://www.pocketgpsworld.com/PocketGPSPOISync.php


  • Batch convert and append function (menu Tools | Batch Convert...)

  • Removed multilanguage support (due to lack of interest and recent upgrade of development environment)

  • Notification, when closing main window, that the application is not exited, but minimized instead

  • Added link to FAQ page (menu Help | Online POI Edit FAQ...)


  • Removed clear autoupdate settings question when performing an install on a machine on which PoiEdit was not previously installed

V2.5 (4 jul 2003)

  • Allows access to poi sites that require authorization like PoiHandler.com

  • Can now also be setup to update files on the local PC system instead of only the PDA.

V2.4 (15 feb 2003)

  • Dutch language support

  • Improved performance when deleting and drag-and-dropping poi items

V2.3 (5 feb 2003)

  • Now supports SmartPath (ovr) files

V2.2.1 (4 feb 2003)

  • Redesign of update mechanism

  • Update from poihandler.com now possible

  • Improved device browser

  • A few other minor enhancements

V2.1.1 (13 dec 2002)

  • Fixed startup bug

V2.1 (13 dec 2002)

  • Device Browser, this enables you to load, edit and save the pois which are stored on the device, right from your desktop PC.

  • Web update of poi's. This enables you to setup poi's on your mobile device that should be updated whenever you press the update button on the main screen. One click of your button updates all your pois automatically! At this time only my poihandler mirror (updated every 30 minutes) is available, but poihandler.com will follow soon.

  • Manual proxy option. Some proxy settings cannot be detected automatically by poi edit. In this case you can override automatic detecting by using the new proxy settings dialog (menu Online | Proxy Setting...).

  • Fixed drag drop which cause a calculation of degree to decimal coords, causing round-off errors.

  • Several other minor enhancements and fixes.

V2.0 (31 dec 2002)

  • MDI (Multiple Document Interface)

  • Drag and drop between documents and explorer

  • File association bugfix where files with spaces in them did not open correctly

  • Removes poi update checking, added link to TomTom Handler

  • MRU (Most Recently Used) list added to file menu

  • Changed about screen.

  • Several other minor enhancements and fixes

V1.2 (15 dec 2002)

  • Online version checking more robust

  • Setup closes running POIEdit automatically. If POIEdit contains changed data, the user will be prompted to keep or discard the changes

  • Setup chooses, by default, previous installation directory

V1.1 (11 dec 2002)

  • Setup optionally associates ov2 and asc extensions to open with POIEdit

  • POIEdit can open files from command line or extension associations

  • Option to auto check for new program version every week

  • Statusbar with descriptions of all the window elements and display of the number of poi's

V1.0 (9 dec 2002)

  • The initial release

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